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Headahce On Same Part of the Head

Hi All!

Just wondering if any on here can help.

I think it's migraines I get, but not sure. I definitely got migraines in my teens (14-17) as they were the lie in the dark type but they disappeared at 17. Anyway, bad headaches returned at 31 yo (now 40).

Anyway, cut a long story short, Ive just got one about to disappear (about 90-95% gone now) which started yesterday afternoon (28 hrs ago).

What I want to know though, is, this one and most of mine appear to be in this same area (although occasionally not but predominantly).

The area is one specific spot, on the left hand side of my head, think it's the temporal area.

Is it common for headaches or migraines to be in the same part of the head predominantly?

Also, it's hard to explain the kind of headache, as it's not really a thud or pulsing, just a really dull ache mixed in with just a horrible feeling.


  1. Hi ChunkyPeanutBar,

    Thanks for your post! Sorry to hear you are experiencing migraine attacks, however I am sure it is nice to have the one you most recently experienced subside. I thought you would find the following articles helpful. They may be able to provide some answers to your questions. The following article discusses what a migraine is considered and specifically states that pain can occur on one side of your head - Additionally, this article discusses migraine attacks occurring in the temporal region of the brain - Also, have you visited your doctor regarding your migraine symptoms? Checking in with a migraine specialist can be really informative and they can definitely provide more in depth answers to your questions. Here is some information on migraine specialists -, Perhaps you can find one near you? I hope you find this all helpful. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to reach out. We love hearing from you!


    Meaghan ( Team)

    1. Thank you Meaghan. Will read these articles right now.

      1. Had yet another headache again. Same place. Thankfully only lasted 8 hrs this time. Went off about an hour ago.

        Does anyone else find that, applying a bit of gentle pressure to the spot where it hurts (with your finger) eases it off a bit temporarily?

        1. Sometimes as well, only sometimes, my head itches on the same part of the head where the headache is. Strange.

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