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Help for new guy

Hi everyone. I am 30 years old man (guy) from Ireland. I have headache for more then 10 years, and now it is more and more often. It happens almost every week once at least, and pain is every time like biggest in world. For 10 years I am living with this pain from day to day, I went to 5 different doctors and do every test, brain scan and everything and everyone said that all results are ok, they didn't find anything, some of them told me must be migraine some of them don't know what is, but in final nobody gives me anything that could help me with my pain. Now when I get "migraine" it last at leas 10-24 hours, and I cant work whole day, do nothing, I get pain inside my stomach, can't eat or anything, cant play with my 4 year old daughter, just nothing. So after this all years I just find today this web so I am hopping someone can really help me, to advise me what and where should I get anything to help me with my pains. I really try everything that you can buy without prescription but nothing help. Do you know any good doctor maybe in Dublin who should I visit to give me some prescription or something? I would really appreciate if someone could help me, because I know we all have headache and migraine but I assume mine are most painful and happens couple of time during week and last for at least 10 hours :/ Thank you in advance.

  1. What medications have you already tried? Or are you saying none of these doctors have given you any medication? Have you been to a neurologist? It is normal for migraine not to show up on any tests, which is super annoying since when you're sick and all the tests keep saying "you're fine" (and even some stupid doctors may say that) it makes you want to scream.

    1. I never try any medication on perception, noone of doctors ever gave me anything. I have been to neurologist but everything same. I am not allergic to anything, health, was practicing kickboxing for years and going to gym, never had any big health issue or anything. If you can advise me what should I start because when pain hits these days it hurts so bad that I could blow my head up just to make it go away :/

      1. Well, I can't really give medical advice, not being a doctor or knowing the specifics about your case like a doctor would. I would advise you to try to find a different doctor (neurologist) who can help you find some different meds to try. For acute migraine attacks, in some cases people take things in the "triptan" class of drugs, which are only available through prescription, and not appropriate for every type of migraine, which is why it's important to have the doctor be the one doing this. Many people also take daily preventative meds like anti-seizure meds, blood pressure meds, and anti-anxiety meds that suppress migraine. This is all assuming it's migraine. There are lots of things to try, though. And then pain meds. But trying to reduce the number/severity of migraines is as important as the pain meds.

        There are also lots of non-medical things you can do in the meantime, though, while waiting to get into the doctor. Have you tried charting what you are eating and looking up food triggers? Light/sound are often triggers. Screens (tv/phone) are a trigger for me. Weather changes, stress... there are many things that could be triggering you that you could reduce if you can figure out what they are.

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