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Help With Hormonal Migraine


I have had migraines for many years now. Recently they have became more often 2 to 3 times per month and i am now at my wits end. My doctors are not good they even said there is no such thing as hormonal migraine. i am new to forums and i was wondering if anyone can give advice on hormonal migraines with remedies etc? I am 39 years old Female and have no children as of yet. I am reading progesterone cream can help hormonal migraines but i am unsure about this..any advice on that would be appreciated. Is there any other good forums or sites to follow.My migraines usually start on a night time and lead to me vomiting in the morning then being bid ridden all day...i think most of you know how it is...any help will be greatly appreciated.


  1. Hi quelly,

    I responded to your question from the other thread. You can find my answer here;

    I do hope that helps,


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