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Help with school project about migraines

I'm not sure which forum this belongs in as I am new here. I was given a recommendation to come here for help with my school project about migraines. I need 3 people-preferably those who have expertise in this area or know quite a bit about migraines.

I've asked several specialists and physicians in my city-and others-but every person I've asked had declined, and if I don't get this paper done, I'm out 200 points and get an F in the class. (Sorry, I'm not trying to sound too desperate, but I kind of am at this point, with 2 weeks left until school is done).

This is what my instructor calls an “I-Search Paper.” I have to “interview”/ask professionals/semi-professionals questions about my topic, rather than researching using a book or the internet.

The report is due May 15, so if I could possibly get answers prior to May 10, 2017, that would be great! I would also need the names, phone numbers and addresses (or healthcare facility address) of the contributors/people who answer (for my instructor. He needs them so that he can see that I actually “talked” with someone-he will not be contacting you). Thank you! I greatly appreciate your help!

The questions are as follows:

1. Are migraines actually considered headaches?

2. Are there different “classifications” or types of migraines? (For example, headaches can be sinus headaches, tension headaches, etc.)

3. How do I know if I have a headache versus a migraine?

4. Besides fatigue and nausea, what are the most common symptoms of a migraine?

5. Do migraines occur more in men or women?

6. Can hormones play a part in causing migraines, and are migraines genetic?

7. What are some of the most common migraine triggers?

8. Are there specific tests or scans done to help diagnose a migraine?

9. What are some common treatments that provide at least some relief for migraine sufferers?

10. Is there a permanent “cure” for migraines?

11. Can migraines cause long-term neurological problems for sufferers?

12. I’ve heard that migraines and depression and anxiety often go hand-in-hand. If this is true, how do they correlate with each other?

13. Are there certain things that can be done to prevent a migraine from occurring?

  1. Hi dslavoie

    Thank you for reaching out and good luck with your paper. A bit of research will provide you the answers you are looking for.


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