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Hemp Oil?

Has anyone here tried Hemp Oil to relieve migraines? A friend of mine has told me about it. I don't want to try it until I know it works. I am also 11yrs clean and sober and don't want to mess that up. Thanks a bunch community.

  1. Hi Ronan,

    It depends on what you mean by "hemp oil"..
    I'm fairly familiar with hemp and its uses, but the oils extracted can be divided into two categories (afaik)
    You can use either THC oil or CBD oil.

    THC is the (psycho) ingredient in marijuana, which can make you feel relaxed, help you eat/sleep and might have a mild narcotic effect. Most migraine sufferers I know use THC (by smoking weed) to kill the pain from their headaches.
    I don't think it matters whether you smoke it, or take in oil. The substance entering your body is the same.
    Please note these are all just guesses and experiences from me. No scientific basis here.

    CBD is a whole other substance, often confused with THC because hemp is mostly known for THC.
    CBD is supposed to have a variety of positive effects on the brain, increasing contact between neurons and thus helping, for instance, parkinson patients better control their movements, and from what I've heard there have even been people who had suffered form strokes, who could (slowly) start moving their paralyzed limbs again.
    All by one (or a few) daily drop(s) of CBD oil.

    I've used both THC (a lot in the past) and CBD (since about 1,5 years now).
    The physical effects (what you feel) are very different;
    THC, as you might have experienced, can make you feel relaxed or even slow/heavy. It can decrease your reaction speed. Some people get really hungry, and eat a lot. Other people tend to talk a lot. If you've never done it, don't be afraid. You can't die from THC alone.

    CBD on the other hand, does none of this. The only thing I felt when I started using it (1 drop a day) was that I felt kind of like.. a better version of myself. Hard to explain. It's like your brain gets a 10% upgrade. I felt happier, more energetic, faster, stronger, but all just a little, not much.
    Having used it for a year and a half now, all I can say for certain is that it definitively improves my motor skills somewhat. Again, no drastic changes, but noticable.

    As for Migraines, neither of the above substances have helped me reduce my migraine frequencies or severeness.
    But if there's anything I've learned in the past years, is that both the triggers, and remedies are very personal.
    What works for you might not work for me, and vice versa.
    So I'd say don't be afraid to try it, if it's THC, make sure you know what you're doing, and CBD; don't think, just try.

    Good luck, and let me know if I've been vague or something; here to help!

    1. It would be CBD then. Low or no THC in it. Is it legal in Canada? And how effective is it for migraine attacks?

      Thanks a bunch. 😀

      1. I have been suffering with migraines for many years and have been on many prescribed medication to help prevent and manage migraines. On average I have 12 to 14 severe migraines and decided to try hemp oil after learning more about the difference between hiemp and cannibus which are two separate plants but from the same family. Once I learned that hemp oil was not cannibus and wasn’t psychoactive I decided to try it. It can be purchased on amazon with many reviews on how effective it has been for many people. After taking a tablespoon once a day for less than two weeks my migraines were lessened. In the first month I only had 5 migraines, and I was so excited about the relief. But after another few weeks I suddenly started hearing things. Turns out there is enough THC in hemp oil which is less than 1%, but a small group of people have aural hallucinations when taking hemp oil. I read more about the cons to hemp oil and that is a potential side effect along with some other spooky stuff related to tumor growth and cancer cell regeneration. I have stopped taking it and I have had the increase of migraines as a result, so I am back to the search for help myself. Lesson learned study up on the pros and cons before trying something. Hope this helps someone at least know that the aural hallucinations can happen..did to me.

        1. @Ronan: For as far as I know it's not illegal anywhere, because there's no forbidden substance in it. Here in Amsterdam they sell it in either pharmacies, smart shops, or herbal-shops (as in: those shops with all the homeopathic stuff, soaps, ointments etc.)
          Note that it comes in different concentrations, and most are diluted with other oils, like olive-oil. You want a concentration of AT LEAST 5%.

          @mybrainpain: Nice that the oil you took helped you out, still not sure what you got though.. Hemp oil isn't very specific. And it seems a bit dubious that there's THC in your oil, it should be negligible. I also doubt that less than 1% of a teaspoon of supposed THC can make you hear things. I smoked ounces for years and never had, or met anyone who had, hallucinations. That's more like mushroom/LSD related symptoms.
          Anyway, I'd really like to see the articles you found about hemp oil being "related to" tumor growth. All I've ever read so far says exactly the opposite, assuming you mean "related to" means "causes" Because it "being related" to tumors can mean two things..

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