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Herbalist intro

I'm a trained herbalist with a lot of experience using complementary medicine. I also use a lot of modern medicine to manage headache disorders and see a headache specialist regularly. If anyone has questions about alternative, complementary, or natural remedies, please feel free to ask. I've tried many of the options -- some with better success than others. On that note, what have you tried and how was your experience?

  1. Hi Tammy,

    Welcome to!! I am very excited to see you here and look forward to working with you.


    1. I have tried feverfew and noticed a big difference in my migraines. I recently stopped because of the blood thinning from feverfew and the migraines came back more frequent. Weighing the pros and cons I started the feverfew again. I was taking Migralief and now I am trying out Migralief + M because I suffer from menstrual migraines.

      1. Did you actually have problems with blood thinning? Did your doctor recommend you stop or did you stop out of concern that you might have problems with blood thinning? Your answers will help determine what I suggest.


        1. I stopped out of concern. I informed my doctor that I was going to take it and she didn't advise against it.

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