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histamine in food triggers migraine

I started suffering at least 3 migraine per week (suddenly).
I trended what I was eating - I realised that the attacks happened after eating foods high in histamine.
I suspected that I might have leaky gut / or candida overgrowth in the stomach.
A test revealed that it was a candida overgrowth (very high levels ) in the stomach, also medium-high levels in the mouth.
I figured that the problem was that candida albicans had dominated the stomach and that the other 'good' bacteria that work to break down histamine were not able to work efficiently. - hence the histamine overload caused the migraines.
My GP recommended UDO's super 8 gold - a probiotic that kills candida.
I am on month number 2 of the probiotic now and back to eating almost everything and migraine free!
No more reactions to histamine foods!

  1. HI keyra1.

    Thank you for sharing your success with us! I'm so happy to hear you've been able to reduce your migraine attack frequency - YAY!!


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