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Homocysteine levels/MTHFR mutation

Has anyone here ever looked at their Homocysteine levels as a connection to migraine w/ aura? Migraine and headache news reposted this article on their facebook page and it is leading me down a whole new road:

To the point where I have ordered a genetic test to see if I have a common variant of the MTHFR gene. I am just in the beginning of my research but it has just become more important to me.

My son was a the eye doctor today (had a scratched eye). He told the doctor of the vision disruptions he has recently shared with me - purple bursts and bright bursts (no blind spots according to him). I had been searching for a new eye doctor (we have moved twice this past year) and that is why I had not taken him immediately in until he was scratched 2 yesterday. She immediately said - without knowing my medical history - that he could be having migraine aura without pain.

So I think it is even more important to have this information if my son has inherited my migraines. Anyone go through with finding out their homocysteine levels or genetic testing. Has it helped in anyway?

  1. I have MTHFR and Factor 2 Gene mutation. I still suffer with my migraines but believe there are studies out there that relate the MTHFR and migraines together. I take a high dose of folic acid and b12, b6 to help with the MTHFR. I have had my migraines from about age 10 and am now 34 so this has been an ongoing battle for me. I did not know about that MTHFR and factor 2 until about 5 years ago. It is a test I would say you should have done and have done on your children. I have two boys who will both be tested. My 8 year old is showing signs of having migraines now also. I hate that for him because I know the battle he will fight and I don't want that for him, I can just pray his are not as bad as mine are.

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