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Hot head?

Hi. With my migraines my head gets really hot. I use ice packs daily and have noticed a difference in how long they stay cool. Anyone else get a hot head? Anyone know an explanation?? Thanks

  1. My ears turn red and get hot, its a weird feeling that sometimes happens without the migraine. Relpax does take care of it for me.

    1. I literally get so feverish I'll get out a thermometer and be buried under blankets with chills. I've never actually run a temperature, though. It's crazy.

      1. Did you consult a doctor? I used to suffer from severe headache and got a satisfactory treatment from Texan Urgent Care.

        1. I find that when start to burn up its an early sign that going to have bad migraine.

          Was burning up all night.then sick at 4am and bang migraine hit!. Been in bed til 6pm

          Replax seems to help but next day wham I tend to get bad rebound.

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