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Hot sun/Humidity caused headaches

I have headaches doing anytjing under the sun/humidity for sometime. Examples: Slow walk for 2 miles. Golf for 18 holes. Bike for 5 miles. Garden for half hour. Push mow for hal hour. Kayak for 4 hours.
Any activity that requires very little activity level and get a headache. I cannot overexert for sure. Then I definitely get a real bad one.

The headache seems to start 2-3 hours after I'm done with the activity.

It is not a hydration issue or wearing sunscreen/hats/sunglasses. I make sure I do all these all the time. I also stretch before doing these.

I have done all tests (CT scan of head & neck/exercise test) and they cannot find anything.

Need any medication help for prevention and I struggle for Cure too. Ibuprofen does not work and Sumatriptan 100mg seems to reduce it, but not fully go away.

Been struggling with this for over 10 years. My age is 42.

  1. Hi there. I'm glad you reached out to us. It's so hard to deal with headaches when we go outside, especially when the weather is nice or there's work to be done!

    We can't give medical advice on this site for your own safety, but it sounds like you are doing everything right in terms of hydration and getting some tests done. Those would have been my first recommendations. Are you working with a neurologist, or better yet, a certified headache specialist (they are different)? Also, how often are you getting these headaches? Do you have any other issues like nausea, sensitivity to light. visual problems, etc? What about your family history -- is anyone else dealing with this issue?

    If ibuprofen and sumatriptan aren't doing the job and you've been living with this for some time, then I would have a talk with the doctor about what's next. There are many different options for treatment, and it can take some experimenting to figure out what works best for you.

    Please take it slow out there and be careful -- will you keep us posted? -Melissa, site moderator

    1. Hi—I have a very similar symptom picture. At first, I was told they were “exercise-induced headaches “. But even a little slow exercise can bring them on. I totally sympathize with you. It’s so hard to exercise (one of the important ingredients for good sleep, low stress) when you get a headache.

      1. That is so frustrating! And yes, we're told that exercise can help to manage migraine, but how can we do this when it ends up being a trigger? I can't bend over or do anything close to impact-type exercise but have found that walking (when it's cool outside) and no-impact exercise as long as I'm not feeling any kind of pain to begin with, seems to be something I can handle. I hope you can find your own way as you go along. Might be worth discussing with your doctor. Thinking of you. Warmly, Holly ( team).

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