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Hotel Advice?

Hello everyone, I am traveling extensively for work in January. While I love to travel, it is always a trigger for me. My question for any other travelers out there, do you have any hotel related advice and is there anything the hotel can do or provide to make the stay easier? It has been suggested to me to contact the concierge service to touch base and I would likely get better service if I wasn't just a reservation number. Are there any specific questions or requests I could make?

  1. Jungle - yes indeed there are many things you might talk to the concierge about and ask for ahead of your stay. Janet's talked about some of the things she does when getting ready to travel here:

    You can also ask about things like:

    Double rinsed bedding

    Removal of air fresheners

    Location and name of the nearest pharmacy

    Be sure you have a quiet room

    I don't know where you like to eat, but often you can feel out where there is a restaurant that will be open to serving you food sans triggers. Most good restaurants will do this with no problems, but knowing ahead of time what is on the menu I have found to be very helpful. You can do this by getting a list of local restaurants and going to their websites.

    1. I've also asked to have the fluorescent light bulbs removed in the bathrooms, especially if they have another light source i.e. incandescent light bulbs, sunlight.

      1. I like to travel with my husband quite a bit. We are usually able to get a corner room at the end of the hall, there is a lot less noise that way. Ask for a room on the top floor then you don't have to worry about noisy people above you. I take earplugs to drown out irritating noises. Quite a few hotels have that annoying fan attached to the bathroom light. I take a dot light with me, it's a small round light that has halogen bulbs in it then I turn that on instead of the irritating fan. I take my favorite candle to offset strange odors from carpet, cleaners and such. If the room doesn't get dark enough I fold a washcloth or towel to lay over my eyes to block out the excess light.My husband inspects boilers and most hotels have a conditioner they add to the water to keep linens from getting dingy and to keep build up out of the pipes and to keep the boiler from corroding. Use bottled water to avoid ingesting these chemicals. I hope this is a help to you.

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