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How I freed myself of migraine.. Yes, it is possible!

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share with you my personal experience and liberation of this terrible condition in hope that some of you may try it and hopefully get liberated as well. I use these terms that are more suitable for imprisoned simply because that is how I felt at the time and how I feel now.

Let me start…

My migraine headaches were severe, lasting for three days most of the times, and periods of not having them were getting shorter and shorter. So my desperation grew and I was living with my meds putting up with all negative side effects as I had no choice. Quality of living was very bad, my family suffered with me but was supportive at the same time. Even worse, sister of mine was experiencing same problem and we kind of thought we have hereditary condition that will never go away or will but at the later age – our mom was migraine sufferer until she went through menopause and after that she was free of them. Anyway, in between deliriums caused either by migraine or drugs, I was searching for solution to this growing problem. Guess what? It was all the time right before me, just needed to connect dots! Some years ago, I would come back from work, have a dinner, switch clothes and go to basement to continue with renovations I started myself and wanted to finish. After heavy physical work down there, I would take an aspirin before going to bed, simply to prevent muscle inflammation so that in the morning I can go back to work normally. I was doing IT job that was basically sitting all the time, thus my muscles were not trained for construction work. When I was thinking about those times, I remembered that my migraines were quite rare and I had attributed that to my younger age rather than connecting it to the aspirin intake. Well, I was wrong. It was aspirin that was doing it all the time. I just needed to recognize the culprit. I immediately started taking it before bed time and suggested to my sister to follow. Results were amazing with both of us. Migraines stopped and we both stopped taking our meds. Now… Normally, I should have been happy and celebrate this find, but I wanted to go one step further. I wanted to find natural supplement for aspirin in order to get myself free of drugs completely. Quick internet search confirmed what I already suspected – GINGER!!!!! I replaced aspirin intakes with ginger root intake and results were the same. My daily routine is simple and it is as follows – around 8PM I dice 4-5 grams of fresh ginger root and mix it with the teaspoon of honey. Leave it until the bed time, usually midnight time, and consume it completely, chewing and swallowing the entire content. My sister has a slight twist to the story. She takes half before going to bed, and half in the morning. She complained about having stomach upset and had to cut the intake to two halves in order to curb the upset stomach problem. That is it. Simple. This is a true story. I still get very mild migraines that last for a day or two once or twice a year! Strength of those attacks is way down and I can even function normally. Not to mention that frequency is also way down. Both of us are free of all migraine drugs and use ginger only. This switch to aspirin and finally to ginger happened approx. 3 years ago. I personally thank God for this journey and a final outcome. May God bless you in your struggle to find a remedy.

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with the community, JohnnyD! I hear what a difference the aspirin and now ginger supplement has made for your migraine management! While all bodies are unique and respond to treatments in different ways, it is exciting that you have found what is helpful for you. Wishing you a gentle afternoon. ~Allyson ( team)

    1. I am so pleased that Ginger root helped you to this extent! And that it helps your sister too. It is a very good natural medicine.
      Sometimes when I am quite bad it helps me too. It sort of calms everything down quite a bit. I like to nibble a piece with some honey.

      However I find it can calm my gut to a great extent too, so long as I only eat one piece and don't overdo it. So it's odd that it upsets your sister's tummy. Maybe she is very sensitive to it. I have heard that TOO much can cause diarrhea.
      But if I have IBS symptoms a couple of slices a day don't make it worse. It can help. Each slice I use is about 1/4" thick by just less than 1" wide.

      I have a whole root in my freezer which I cut into small pieces and individually wrapped in tinfoil (doing this is a slow patient little task, but if you freeze it without doing this, it's very hard to pry the frozen pieces apart!)

      I had never thought of taking that regularly once every day as a possible prophylactic. I think I will give it a try!

      (edit)...I just went to get a piece now and am nibbling on it!)

      1. I have kidney disease so I can’t take any NSAIDS. Make sure you’re able to take NSAID’s before taking them on a regular basis. Also, an aspirin a night doesn’t work for everyone but I’m glad it worked for you.

        1. Yes, I have a number of treatments including botox, SPG block and Emgality for preventatives. I also use Ubrelvy, maxalt, and cyclobenzaprine with Tylenol. I have a world renown headache specialist who left the Diamond Headache Clinic to start his own practice. I have also found a wonderful therapist who specializes in pain management among other things. All those things together have led to lessened migraine pain and frequency. I'm hopeful that my migraines will continue to decrease.

        2. Wow, I'm so glad to hear that you've been able to establish a "dream team" to help manage your migraines. Coping with this condition is much easier when we feel supported by competent providers. Fingers crossed that your migraines continue to decrease soon! 😀 - Cody (Team Member)

      2. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and how you've been able to manage your migraine. It's great to hear how you were able to connect the dots and discover the benefits of aspirin and ginger root as a natural supplement. It's amazing to hear how a simple change in routine and the use of a natural remedy can make such a significant difference in reducing the frequency and intensity of your migraine. Although each individual is different, thank you for reminding us that there is hope and potential relief when it comes to living with migraine.

        - Jake (Team Member)

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