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How long was your worst Migraine?

So about a week after I got my covid vaccine I developed a severe migraine. (My doctor said the vaccine probably has something to do with it). It is Worse than my normal ones and I am on day 10 of it with 24/7 pain. Almost everything makes it worse, eating -driving - laying down flat. I have never seen a neurologist because my previous regular physician thought he could treat my migraines himself. But that wasn’t working so finally found a doctor that would send a referral to neurologist and my upcoming appointment is in November. I’ve been to the ER twice within the past week and no migraine cocktail worked so I just feel helpless. This isn’t the first time I’ve had pain this long, but it is definitely the worst. Has anyone else ever had a similar experience? I just got prescribed rizatriptan and Methylprednisolone but last time I was prescribed this, neither helped so of course I’m not expecting it to work this time.

  1. I'm sorry to hear that you have been suffering from an extended migraine attack. I know how miserable those can be. I have heard of several people that have had an uptick in their migraine attacks as well as severity after receiving the Covid vaccine. It's unfortunate that they don't warn you about a reaction like that if you suffer from migraine disease. I'm glad you are getting in to see a neurologist. I hope that they can help you find a way to break the cycle you are in. My husband suffers from chronic, intractable migraines and has found some relief finally by taking the CGRP drugs Emgality and Nurtec ODT. He was on rizatriptan and still keeps it on hand just in case, but it was not as effective as an abortive as Nurtec is. Steroids are used many times to try and break the migraine cycle, but as you've experienced they don't always work. It was that way with my husband as well and trips to the ER had no real lasting relief for him. Write everything down that you want to cover with your neurologist so you can have a productive visit with them. If possible I would suggest that you keep a diary of what you experience during your attack cycle and how it impacts your life. Any clues or information you can give the doctor is usually helpful. I hope things go well at your visit! Keep us posted. Warmly, Cheryl team

    1. Thank you, Cheryl for all of your helperful information. I really appreciate it. I was able to see neurologist last week instead of waiting until November. He started me on the monthly aimovig, and I know that can take a while to work. Unfortunately I still have the 24/7 pain. I find myself crying most days because the pain in so intense so of course that worries me as I feel this is not normal. I cannot find anything that will break it or even ease up that pain. But I feel like I have just have to wait and see what neurologist says next when I go back in 8 weeks.

      1. I am happy to help! I am glad you were able to get in to see the neurologist. I hope that you get some relief from Aimovig. I understand how difficult it is when you are waiting to see if a therapy regimen will work or not. My husband suffered for a long time until they were able to find a therapy regimen that worked for him. Just remember that if the pain gets to be too much or feels different from what you normally experience you can go to the emergency room. Sometimes the experience may not be optimal, but you might find some relief. Keep me posted on your progress please and hang in there. You are not alone! Warmly, Cheryl team

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