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How long should blurred vision last after aural migraine?

Ihi. It is now day 5 since migraine started and I still have aural disturbance and blurred vision.Is this common? Thanks.

  1. Hi betsyk,

    I'm sorry you are having extended aura, that must be frustrating. Typically aura resolves itself after the migraine attack is over. Sometimes however, it can be prolonged.

    Either way, it's important to discuss changes in our migraine attack symptoms and/or patterns with the doctor so he can rule out any other possibilities.

    Please let me know how you make out and hope you are feeling better asap.


    1. I haven't ever had that. My visual disturbances last 40 minutes and always have, but I get ringing in my ears as part of my aura sometimes and that can last the entire migraine.

      Anything new like that should be discussed with your doctor as there are other causes for blurry vision.

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