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I am curious in this migraine world, how many have had a spinal tap?

I have had migraines since the age of ten. I have had them daily now for 17 years. There is nothing left to be done for me. I had a spinal tap, and no it is not painful, not like the old days. I did find out my spinal fluid pressures are double the normal level and plays into the migraines. While there isnt much that can be done for this, It is nice to know this may be a major factor in the migraines. For the pressures, you can have a shunt put in or there is one med you can take that has non reversible side effects, neither of these are options for me. I guess it may be something someone might want to mention to their neurologist. Can you, the doctors, advisers, comment on this topic please.( Its a relief in knowing that this may have been the issue since childhood causing the migraines. vs being told as a kid it was all in my head.)

  1. Over the course of 45 years I've had 3 spinal taps, all normal. Sorry, I'm not much help.

    1. I feel for you..I have had them for 60 yrs, the last 17 they are now daily. I was more curious if anyone had the same results as mine, double the limit for pressures. I wish you a blessed new year. Thank you for your +reply.

      1. Thank you Bobby. I am so late in responding and catching up on a bunch of messages. I do so appreciate having this community of fellow migraineurs out there. Be well!!

    2. This is an area of very much interest to me also. Although I haven’t had a spinal tap I have had A GREAT deal of spinal surgery, spinal leaks, manipulation, etc. Throughout the years my headaches have gotten so MUCH worse. I have had migraines since my mid teens. I believe there’s a genetic component (as my mom’s first cousin as well as her daughter have the same classic, chronic, aura type migraines I do). But I also sustained a head injury around the age of 9 which I still do not to this day recall. I was knocked unconscious after flipping over the handlebars of a bike. Those were the pre helmet days. At age 28 I sustained a life changing back injury while transferring a patient. I am a nurse. And surprisingly after 11 surgeries (fusions, myelograms, discectomies, intrathecal pump placements) I truly only sustained one spinal headache that was directly post surgery. I knew immediately upon standing up. After laying for a week, pushing caffeine, fluids, etc a blood patch was done. Abt two years later I experienced my first cerebral spinal fluid leak as well as a pseudomenigocele abt three weeks post a discectomy. I guess my point is this — I have always wondered abt the increase in the intensity and frequency of my headaches since I had the intrathecal pump placed. But because of the overall improvement to my quality of life bc of the pump I wouldn’t have it any other way. I realize that migraineurs are more likely to get spinal headaches. But like others in this article I wonder abt the relationship between cerebral spinal fluid pressure and migraine headaches. Hope you all find relief soon. Be well and headache free.

      1. I am so sorry to hear of your journey. I feel so bad for you. I had a brain trauma when I was knocked out in the first grade, falling off of a slide on the school play ground...yes,Migraines can be family hand me downs. My brothers and my sister have them, my great nieces have them , my niece has grandmother had them. Human beings and their flaws. I have been watching stem cell on this and the use of CBD products. I think there is promised down the road. I think spinal fluid levels play big time in migraines as well. It is a new topic for me to research, Sounds like yours, with the leaks, may be low levels. God bless you in your future and I hope for you a pain free life.

    3. I've had 3 spinal taps which were all normal.

      1. Thats a great thing. At least that area is ruled out for you.

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