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How to handle extreme scent hypersensitivity?

One of my triggers is very common among migraineurs: hypersensitivity to scents. I have all the other common triggers as well.

Obviously, I avoid scents as much as humanly possible. I also politely request all visitors not to wear scents and use all scent-free products.

We had a scent in our home recently that took days to air out, despite all professional recommended measures. Our weather was ideal and all windows and doors were open. I had one of my worst migraines during that time, as I couldn't leave the home for that length of time. I will say a lingering scent is very rare, however.

Also, many times even brief exposure to scents triggers a migraine. My husband and children cooperate, understand and are completely on board. (I feel so guilty because of my extreme sensitivity.)

Once you're exposed to a triggering scent, do you do anything? I've tried initial avoidance as well as saline nasal sprays and smelling lavender, peppermint oils. Any other ideas?

  1. Someone suggested the scent of green apples - of course that wouldn't work if that was a trigger!

    1. I run a medical grade air filter at home, but still have trouble with scents when I leave the house. A company called I Can Breathe makes face masks with activated carbon filters to filter out odors ( I have one and think it works well. It is also more comfortable than ones from hardware stores.


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