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Hug Trigger????

I have a migraine tonight for the first time in days, a record since fall started, because my husband tightly hugged me. He squeezed me as he hugged me as he always does, no big deal. But today when he did, I felt a TON of pressure start from where he squeezed me, travel up my spine and neck and then go to my head. Ever since Ive had an intense migraine. Anyone ever have this happen? Side note, Ive been having a lot of neck pain lately. Havent been to the chiropractor cause all money is going to Christmas. So maybe my spine is just really out of whack? Just wondering if anyone else has been through anything like this. Merry Christmas btw lol

  1. If you've ever looked at an anatomical diagram of your back and shoulders (from the back) you'll see huge bundles of nerves that go around that little curve of your shoulder blade. If I am squeezed there or spend too much time tensed up, those nerves seem to go nuts and cause a headache for me. One thing that has really helped me is the use of a theracane. Gets into those areas better than someone's fingers, and my hubby isn't always available to rub the shoulders anyway.

    Hope you're feeling better. 😀

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