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Hypothermia or Myxedema

Has anyone else developed this awful pre migraine event? I have been getting them for 15 years without any treatment or idea how to handle them. Usually 1 a month.
Last week I had 6 days of freezing, low body temp, nauseated, vertigo,
weakness and general misery. Went to ER after 7 days and was told I wasn't even blue. Also; the Dr. said it was out of his wheelhouse when I asked what gland was responsible for body temp regulation?

  1. Problems with body temperature regulation are a problem so some migraine sufferers. The accompanying symptoms can tend to make this even more of a hassle. My husband has had a problem getting his body temperature regulated during an attack many times. His issue is that his body will be quite cold to the point he shivers and his head conversely is feeling overheated. It is an odd situation. He uses icepacks for his head and keeps his body bundled up with blankets, even heated blankets. Here is an article that talks a bit about his experience.
    I know how frustrating a trip to the ER with a migraine and its symptoms can be. Many sufferers will actively choose not to go to the ER because of the way they are treated and the lack of knowledge on how to treat and interact with a migraine attack patient. The gland that regulates our body temperature, among other things, is the hypothalamus. It's located at the base of our brains close to the pituitary gland. Warmly, Cheryl team

    1. Hi there. Sorry you're going through this, I can only imagine how uncomfortable you are! Cheryl is right -- not everyone experiences it, but temperature fluctuations, even extreme ones, can happen with migraine, as can nausea and vertigo. Have you talked to your neuro or other doctor about this symptom outside of the ER? I'm curious to know what was suggested to you, if anything.

      Cheryl gave you a great article that shares one experience with temperature issues. We have plenty more. Here is a link to a general search for temperature. Some articles will be more relevant than others.

      I hope this is useful to you and that you're on the mend now. -Melissa, team

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