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I had a stroke 5 days ago--directly related to my migraines with auras

I have never been in a group like this before-- I am not sure how you do it- but I will just say what is going on with me now. I have always had migraines-- the kind with auras that effect your vision- lasting 20-30 mins then with a nasty migraine -- I have had them all my life- and I considered that I dealt with them as well as I could- mostly controlled with a Supplement called fever few-- none of the Rx things ever helped me. 5 days ago, I had another one-- I considered it to be the same -- although it came on with less warning-- like the aura was full blown instead of beginning as a small corner and progressing to half of my visual field. I just took some fever few and waited for it to get better-- but It lasted for 3 days. This is not unheard of for me-- however this time the aura did not fade, but continued. I did not know this was something to be particularly worried about-- since I have had them a million times before. Finally, my husband was concerned and took me the after hours medical clinic and they did testing and insisted I go to Hospital immediately. The damage was already done--apparently , my aura is now going to be permanent -- which means no driving-- reading -- or TV. THIS SUCKS!! they now placed me on preventative blood thinner -- to prevent a 2nd episode. Which is a great idea! What I do not understand -- is -- if it is a known fact that this kind of migraine makes you highly susceptible to a stroke-- Why wasn't I already on something to prevent it ? I just do not get it. -- this was mainly me trying to find somewhere to say that. I guess I do not have anything more helpful to discuss. I do wish anyone who sees this good luck and I hope you do not have a stroke like I did. Although I am very lucky I can think--walk--and have no damage like that-- it was only a stroke of luck that I am affected in my vision-- and not somewhere else. Thanks for a spot to vent.

  1. Hi 16al3vn,

    Welcome to the discussion forum, we're glad you are here! You are doing just fine, no worries there. I do have to so I'm so sorry to hear about your recent health crisis, that must have been scary.

    It's true migraine with aura can increase our risk of stroke and I wish I could tell you why you weren't on anything to prevent it. We also don't like to see migraine attacks last longer than 72 hours as this can increase our risk of a condition called status migrainous and stroke. Let me share that information with you here;

    Our information on stroke and migraine can be found in these links; this topic I'd like to share with you in these links; and

    I hope we hear more from you,

    1. Thank you, Nancy. I appreciate the information- I will soon be beginning to have appointments to determine exactly what my effects will be from this. I am still having what looks like my auras I have always had-- sometimes it is worse -- sometimes better- but it seems to be continuing same as the past 2 weeks. If my vision were affected only-- without the lights and weird shapes--(I always called them the "Ferris Wheel Lights" when I was a kid) I think it would be easier. With swirling shapes all day and the Migraine headache- it is pretty hard to go about regular activities, which I need to do. Doctors do not seem to get very interested in migraines- at least none of mine ever have. Not like they would if it were a brain tumor-- which I can understand when a migraine is typically self limiting. But even with this event- it feels more like they view it as an oddity and not really so bad. It is kinda bad when your head hurts all the time and you cannot see very well. I am sort of worried that I have had these symptoms so long -- even throughout the hospitalization--with the aura not going away. Hopefully the new neurologist I will be seeing next week will either know more about migraines- or maybe have some advice to feel better. I do not like to make a big deal about it-- I do not want to worry my husband- I know he is worried- and it is pretty pointless to complain all the time, since that won't help any thing. I will let you know wht happens next week. Thanks for the opportunity to vent. -- S

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