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I have Botox scheduled (3 weeks) - can I get a nerve block to hold me until then

I have Botox scheduled in 3 weeks. I have numerous Botox treatments in past with much success of eliminating my daily symptoms. Due to change in insurgence and provider availability, I have been without treatment for 6 months. I am looking for advice on whether I can receive the Allegio Nerve Block to tie me over until my injections on November 8th? I want to avoid any complications, however I want to ensure I keep this appointment due to the great success I've had with the injections over the past year and half.


  1. Hi M3Davis, thanks for joining the conversation. Please know that for your safety, we cannot offer medical advice. We advise that you bring up this topic with your doctor.

    We do have a couple of articles that may be helpful, check out Is It OK to Say I Feel Good? and Botox For Chronic Migraine: My Diary Introduction.

    We're glad you're here! -All Best, Donna ( team)

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