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I need a new self-help book

I need a new self-help book. I've gone through a bunch of books suggesting strategies for managing chronic pain. However, they all eventually say something to the effect of "the only person who can make yourself miserable is you." This is an overused meaningless pile of unproductive bull. I need a pain/nausea/stress management strategy that doesn't implicitly or explicitly blame me for struggling to cope right now. Does anyone have a suggestion for books or strategies?

  1. Hi Talenyn01,

    I understand the premise of “the only person who can make yourself miserable is you,” but don't necessarily agree with it. I'm pretty sure none of us with chronic pain make ourselves miserable, the pain does!

    Here is a suggestion from fellow patient advocate Kerrie Smyres, "You Are Not Your Pain" by Vidyamala Burch. Kerrie said "it's like mindfullness - based on stress reduction." I'll be checking this out myself.

    Let me know what you think,

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