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I use to love smells, and now I hide from them

I am a bit desperate. I have been suffering from cluster and classic migraines for 9 years. My symptoms and triggers have evolved, or maybe I am becoming more aware of them. Smells. Thats my problem, how do I live in a world of smells, especially when they invade my space. So here is my problem. I live at home with my mom and dad, and they are amazing, all scents have disappeared, we use scentless everything and it works for me, body ordor has never hurt my head. But my brother - who comes over alot - is like a walking scent bomb, with perfumes, smoke, and incense clinging to all the spaces he goes into. They make me sick - literally. I've talked to him, my parents have, I just don't know what to do! I hate having to hide in my room until he goes away, or get a migraine. Its become such a problem that I get anxious knowing he's coming. Smells are making anxious. I just need a little advice.

  1. Hi LobsterandLettuce,

    Thank you for reaching out to us - we're glad you're here! I am however, sorry to hear you are having a rough time with your brother. It's a shame he's not more understanding. Would printing out information and showing him be helpful?

    We have lots of articles and information on how to combat odors. This link will bring you to a general search on odors on our main page;

    As I age I am also becoming more sensitive to odors. I've been using a little portable difuser that has a cotton ball with some essential oils I find pleasing and it's very helpful. Actually, It's the size of lipstick, but I can't seem to find it now. One of the contributors here uses a product called Tiger stick, that helps her.

    I hope this helps,

    Great user name, by the way!

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