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Ice pack

Hi everyone. Having suffered with migraines for almost twenty years, I've found even more effective than (or complementary to) OTC or prescription medicine is to use ice packs. However, I haven't found one that covers the whole head and neck, including over the eyes (sometimes the biggest loci of pain). I found one that covers targeted and isolated ares, but nothing all inclusive. Has anyone found such a thing?

  1. I've been suffering from migraine for about 14 years now, ice packs are definitely an important part in my "migraine kit". I use a gallon size ziplock bag, fill it with as much ice as possible & double or triple bag it & use it as a pillow. Obviously it doesn't cover my eyes, but it does cover the whole back part of my head & neck. I carry ziplock bags with me everywhere.

    1. Hi Mary,

      Thanks for your question! There are a few products (I' not endorsing, just letting you know they are out there) you may be interested in trying. MigraCap covers most of the head, not so much the neck. If you do a Google search for headache or migraine cooling hats, a whole host of things comes up.

      Kerrie wrote an extensive article on cooling products, vests and whatnot, that is very interesting. This may not be what you need, but I thought it was worth sharing with you;

      Let us know which one you find works for you.

      1. Hi Dee94277,

        Thank you for sharing what is in your migraine tool kit - good ideas! I hope it's OK if I share with you information on comfort measures? There are some things I hadn't thought about and so happy I read these article;


        1. Hi Nancy,

          Here's what I usually keep:

          all my meds: Imitrex tablets, injections & nasal spray, alleve, (I ALWAYS take alleve w/Imitrex), zofran, pain meds, Benadryl, lamictal, ambien, flexeril, gallon size ziplock bags, neck pillow, weighted eye mask, ear plugs, sunglasses.

          I also keep small bottles of soda for the caffeine, unsalted crackers, water & Gatorade

          I also do the Botox every 12 weeks & I just got zecuity patches that you put on your arm or leg & it releases Imitrex over a 4 hour period.

          Hope this helps

          Denise Chung

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