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Has anyone ever bought an Ice Beanie?

I am thinking of ordering an Ice Beanie. Has anyone ever bought one before? I am so curious if it is worth the money or if I should just continue to wrap my head in ice packs and save my money.

  1. - Great question. I hope others will chime in who have had experience with this product. I had never heard of it before and just looked it up. The only thing I don't think I'd love about it is that it's only for the cone of the head. I enjoy the headache hat because it can be adjusted to go around the neck or head. A lot of my migraine pain stems from my neck so this is important to me. If the beanie applies the cooling sensation where you need it, then that's what's most important. Let us know where you land on this decision. Sending love your way. Warmly- Holly team.

    1. I would like to hear your experience also if you buy the ice beanie! I use ice packs made of bags of frozen lentils tied up in jersey pillow cases around my head when the dreaded M strikes. My primary doc suggested that! Good luck.

      1. That's a great strategy from your doctor -- in fact, frozen peas were suggested to me when I had oral surgery because the bag conforms to your facial features better than a regular ice pack would. 😀 Have you tried looking on Amazon at some of the ice cap/hat/beanie options? It would probably be a bit more practical than the lentil method, especially if you're doing it regularly.

        Looking forward to hearing your thoughts once you find something worth buying! Amanda lists a couple products in this article she wrote a while back:

        Good luck, both of you! -Melissa, team

    2. Thanks Melissa

      1. I have a number of ice packs, wraps and beanies so I can alternate…I keep them all in the fridge (the freezer Mack’s them too cold). The cold brings my daily pain down by a couple of points (9-7 for example) but you all know how significant 2 points can be. I have lived with chronic daily migraine for over 40 years now - one day at a time!

        1. That makes perfect sense! And yes, it is so good to have more than one thing and in different options and places like the fridge and the freezer! Thank you so much for your input! Take Care😀

        2. One day at a time, indeed. And with no cure for migraine, it's all about finding various approaches to help decrease the severity and frequency of pain and related symptoms. With over 40 years under your belt living with migraine, I'm betting you are a treasure trove of well-earned wisdom and helpful guidance. Please keep it coming! We are grateful to learn from you. Warmly- Holly team.

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