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I'm so much better with a different diet!

About a year ago, I asked if I could have migraines. And yes, I do. I was diagnosed this January, after a horrible autumn of migraines (no headaches, just debilitating auras lasting for days) up to 4-5-6 days a week on average. Here's my original post:

I have a new life after figuring out my migraine triggers, namely TEA, coffee, chocolate and sugars (particularly artificial sweeteners, but also honey and sugar if I get more than a tiny bit). I have also reacted to certain cheeses.

My doctor wanted to put me on a specific medicine to prevent attacks, but I decided to try the food way before using medication, and it has worked. I have migraines only a couple of times a month now, and with medication it passes the same day, instead of lingering for days.

I'm so happy!

My diet for the first weeks of migraine-dieting consisted of eggs and oat meal (waterbased) and only water to drink. I didn't have any migraines after the initial first days, and thus I KNEW food triggered my problem. It was surprising to me how much better I got in only a few days, even through the withdrawal from caffeine and sugars/artificial sweeteners!

My life is new, and my journey started here! Thank you for your advices and explanations - it helped me ask for help to check if I have migraines! Due to the no-headaches, I did not suspect migraines until then.


My dessert-free, sweets-free, soda-free and caffeine-free world is very much better than the old one, even if I sometimes miss the sweet life. 😀

  1. Hi duck,

    What great news!! Thank you for sharing that with us. I'm so happy to hear you've found a way to reduce your migraine attack frequency!! YAY!!

    And thank you for your kind words. We're happy to have you be part of our community.

    Wishing you a low pain day,

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