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Auras! Did anyone have an increase of auras over the years?

and knows the triggers or reasons why they are more common? I do have migraine for over 20+ years, but in last 2 months for no reason I start to have only auras, almost every second day, no headaches. Any insight please.

Afraid this can be some future sign of stroke....I am 41. Thank you

  1. Hi there , Thanks so much for reaching out & for your question. While symptoms, severity & frequency of migraine can certainly vary & change over time, anytime there is in fact a change it is best to discuss what you are experiencing with your doctor in order to rule out anything more serious. In the meantime you may find this article helpful to review here which discusses migraine aura without pain. Keep us posted!

    1. For me it it is more that I am increasingly aware of the auras. Before I did not know that the aura experience was part of the migraine experience. Now I am more alert and notice the aura sooner and identify it. Looking back they were as frequent, but I did not know what was happening.

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