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Insomnia and Migraine

Hey community, I was wondering if anyone else has experienced, and more importantly how they deal with insomnia. I am going on 36 hours with no sleep. Not for lack of trying. I have used all my go tos: chamomile tea, warm milk, Advil PM...ect but still can not shut down. I would appreciate any other ideas, because the lack of sleep is not making my migraine any better. Thanks in advance.

  1. Nancy can probably give you lots of great links as she is the links master, but do know this is a common problem... for migraine and insomnia to go together and form a problematic cycle. Have you spoken with your doctor about the insomnia specifically? My neurologist is a big advocate for good sleep, as she explains that during the deep phases of sleep your brain makes certain chemicals that help suppress migraine.

    I was on one preventative for a while that had natural side effect of sedation, but had to go off it for other reasons. As soon as I came off it, my insomnia flared up again, and I was once again having daily migraines, my neuro put me on a different med, which in low doses can be prescribed for insomnia, and isn't habit-forming. I was really glad I made that extra trip to the doctor because like you, I had exhausted all the at-home remedies... exercise, dark room, cold temperature, winding down, warm bath, you name it. I just needed my meds adjusted correctly. So my advice is to talk to your doctor.

    1. Hi debbieleq,

      Thank you for your question. I'm so sorry you haven't been sleeping - that's the worst!! I seem to go through bouts of insomnia, but thankfully they don't last long.

      GardensatNight has given you great information! In addition, when I have trouble sleeping I find listening to podcasts help me fall asleep. My sister used to talk to me when I couldn't fall asleep growing up, so I guess hearing a voice talking helps relax me and sleep.

      I use relaxation techniques as well. I was trained in bio feedback years ago, and still try to practice it routinely. I also find visualization helpful as well. As the "links master" (LOL) take a look at these that discuss insomnia;

      I also use a muscle relaxer and medical cannibis at night which are very helpful.

      Let me know what you think!

      1. Thank you GardensatNight!! "Links master" - I love it!!


        1. Second the "talking voice"! I use my kindle on text-to-speech reading a book. Really helps to relax.

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