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Iron supplements

For about the fourth time, I've been told that I am anemic. However, every Iron pill I have tried gives me a horrible migraine.Several migraine doctors say the fact that Iron supplements cause migraines is well known. I went and tried again with a supplement made with curry leaves. I had such a bad migraine it lasted all week. The doctors say some of their patients have found a formulation that works for them--but everyone is different. Anyone out there find something that works for them?

  1. Does anyone try to get used to get to iron little by little.

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      1. I have chronic anemia and must be on iron supplements indefinitely. While I haven't experienced an increase in attacks due to the supplements, many of them do cause other side effects. I've had the best results with iron supplements containing a food base. If it's not a trigger for you, drinking orange juice with the iron pills can increase their absorption. Also, the herb Yellow Dock is very high in iron. You may find that you can tolerate the herb better. It can also help to have a diet high in animal protein and dark, leafy greens. Cooking in cast iron pots can also help.

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