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Is Sumatriptan injectable being discontinued?

I've been using Sumatriptan injectable ever since it became the generic for Imitrex. (at least 20 years) Now my pharmacy is unable to fill it. The pharmacist tells me it looks like the company, Prasco, is no longer making it. I was lucky that he got me a few doses, but they were the entire kit vs just the cartridges. That sure wastes a lot. Now he can't even get those. Switched pharmacies and they were able to get me two kits. Not sure what I'm going to do if that pharmacy can no longer order them. I've already checked with two other pharmacies nearby and both said they are unable to order it.

  1. Hi @timbanish. I had not heard about this medication being discontinued. I looked it up on the website, and searched the available products. It looks like they still make several injectables in this. They have the 4 and 6 ml kits and separate injectables. I know that from my experience, sometimes certain companies may not be able to get different medications, but it is not out of stock for others. You might have to contact the manufacturer to see if that medication is available in your area, and if so, who near you does have it. I hope that your company will be able to start ordering it again for you soon. Let us know what you find out. (Tonya, contributor).

    1. - Interesting- I just did some checking and can't find any announcement about a discontinuance either. Looks like there may be some other manufacturers- Alsuma - Imitrex or Sumavel. I know it's stressful when a med we count on starts becoming difficult to find. You might also reach out to your doctor about this- sometimes they know about what's going on behind the scenes. We'll keep our ears to the ground on this for you and circle back if we hear anything useful. Thinking of you- Holly ( team).

      1. Thank you Tonya and Holly for the replies. Prasco isn't much help as all they say is talk to your pharmacy to have this product ordered. I do see it listed on their website. My doctor told me pretty much the same thing, call pharmacies and when I find it she'll sent the prescription. Both my local pharmacy and the Kroger pharmacy tell me the refill cartridges are no longer available on their ordering platform. Kroger was able to get me 2 kits but I hate wasting all the extra cases & pens. Stressed me into a migraine that day. Arrghh.

        1. Oh dear- this sounds like the proverbial run around. I'm so sorry about this. I hate that we cannot find more help about this for you. I'm going to tag more of our moderators on this on our back end to see if anyone else has information on this for you. All the best- Holly ( team).

      2. Holly- Thank you for the assist. I found the kits on Amazon Pharmacy and having a prescription sent there. The image is the refill I'm looking for. The kits have the carry case and auto injector pen included and get thrown away unused. What a waste! Sumatriptan refill

        1. Oh, interesting. I've been hearing more about this new Amazon Pharmacy. So you are saying you found what you needed there but you simply need the refill not the whole pen? That is a waste. ugh. I hope, though, for the time being, you can get what you need until the rest can be sorted out for you. I'm assuming you've tried the nasal spray and tablets to no avail? And what about the imitrex version of the injectable? Forgive me if you're tired of fielding such questions! Warmly - Holly - team

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