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Is there anything to stop an aura once it has started?

Having had migraines with auras since I was 14 (am now 81) I am just wondering if research during all those years has shown any progress on dealing with auras which I still find most unpleasant and scary, especially with dysphagia? The subsequent headache can sometimes be reduced with triptans.

  1. Hi skilegs, I just wanted to respond to your post evan though I don't have much knowledge of auras. It certainly sounds like you have had a rough time with migraine attacks for so many years. I am not aware of any research about auras, but there may be other community members that have more information. I'm sure the auras must be scary. Have you talked to a neurologist or Headache Specialist about this? I wish I had more information, but hopefully someone else will chime in on this topic. ~ Peggy ( team)

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      1. have any of you tried lighting products for your migraines? What have you tried? Have you tried

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