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Is This Migraine Related?

Can anyone tell me if the following pain can be migraine pain, please?

I often have the following pain, all at the same time and all on one side...head pain; eye pain and watery eye; ear pain; jaw pain; pain in all teeth and gums, and very sensitive teeth; burning feeling in nostril; pain under jaw and front of throat.

Thank you

  1. Hi PurpleMags,

    Thank you for your question. Some of the symptoms you mentioned may be part of a migraine attack, however, I'm not a medical professional and therefore cannot give out medical advise.

    I would encourage you to speak with the doctor, have an exam, go over your symptoms and discuss a diagnosis. This way you'll know exactly what is going on and be able to get the correct treatment plan.

    Does that help?

    1. Hi PurpleMags
      I'm sorry that you're going through this pain. Sadly the same thing happens to me only when I get a migraine. When I spoke to my doc he said it was probably trigeminal neuralgia and referred me to a neurologist...waiting for my appointment now. I suggest that you look it up and ask your doctor about it. I hope you feel better and hope this helps.

      1. Hi ostrichlvr,

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Did you have your appointment with the neurologist yet? If so, how did it go?

        Looking forward to hearing from you,

        1. Hi Nancy,
          I have not seen the neurologist yet, my appointment is in March. My pcp is trying to move the date up since it keeps happening. I did get a CT scan however to make sure I didn't have any tumors especially one that would be causing the trigeminal neuralgia pain. I'm happy to report that my brain is beautiful and free of tumors. Thank you for asking Nancy.
          Sincerely, Cynthia

      2. Hi Cynthia,

        Good to hear the CT scan was clear! I bet that was a relief!!

        Keep me posted -

        1. Goodness yes, Nancy! With trigeminal neuralgia showing up with my chronic migraines I was afraid that I might have a tumor.
          I'll send an update soon.

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