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Junkie Clinic Healed Me

Most MIGRAINES CAN BE ABSOLUTELY CONTROLLED WITH LOW DOSE METHADONE. Yes, evil methadone. No healthcare practioner will ever attempt to actually help someone by looking into this due to the stigma of methadone, but if this comment reaches even one person out there, because it took me 23 years to figure out that 5 mg/day of methadone (which I absolutely do not even feel psychoactively) completely cured me of chronic migraines that turned into very scary "thunderclap" migraines, which are migraines x1000, if you can actually believe that, then I feel justified in what most likely is a waste of time here. After going though the best neurologists, all the medications, all the prophylactics, MRI's, etc., etc., etc., I was to the point (with the thunderclap headaches where the onset is at its worst in 1-2 seconds) that even 3-4 injections of dilaudid at the emergency room wasn't helping - of course this is after they make you make you wait an agonizing, excruciating, life-altering, 8 hours each time. Out of desperation I feigned being a heroin junkie, and stood in line at a local methadone clinic to at least have something available for the next thunderclap (started getting them 2-3 times/week!) - scared for my life of having to wait another 8hrs at the emergency room again. For God's Sakes. The Junkie Clinic Cured Me. I haven't had a migraine, a thunderclap, nor a lingering migraine, in over 2 years. And yes I now live a completely productive life with no ill effects except for the demonization the medical profession in general places on methadone. I wonder WHY IT IS BETTER TO BE ON COMBINATIONS OF, OR SOLE USEAGES OF, ANTI-SEIZURE MEDICATIONS, ANTI-DEPRESSANTS, BARBITUATES, BENZODIAZEPINES, AND ALL THE PROPHYLACTICS, SSRI's, SSNI's, ETC., ETC., THAT CARRY HUGE ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS, WHEN SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS METHADONE COULD HELP SOMEONE? Would this work in all cases? Of course not. But I guarantee you, 99.99% of all healthcare practioners today would scoff at the idea meanwhile shoving much more problematic crap like topamax, depakote, amatryptaline, maxalt, midrin, imitrex, benedryl, etc. kidney stone, liver killing, and chronic migraine inducing meds down your throat that cost a fortune all to avoid a stigma. So let's see the the list of adverse effects and why methadone is never ever tried, ever. It doesn't even get you 'high' for crying out loud. I hope one person can break the cycle and live a new life as I never thought I would ever be able to do. The only side effect = a craving for sweets and slight weight gain I will take any day over my head feeling like it's going to explode, emergency rooms, triage nurses looking at me like "why don't you just take an aspirin", ER docs walking past me while I'm literally ready to kill myself in pain making me wait literally 4 -6hrs everytime while they non-chalantly check on all the the rest of the people who have sore throats and the sniffles meanwhile I'm literally looking for a window to jump out of, or worse I guess, thinking I'm just a 'drug seeker', insomia, jitters, sweats, depression, flushing, weight loss, anxiety, dependency (ie. needing higher and higher amounts of tradional painkillers at ER like dilaudid if your lucky), vomiting,. I know I'm not the only one because I know EXACTLY what transformed migraines are (ie chronic migraine) and believe me I was getting them because of the tendency of the medical establishment to be paid stooges of a pharmaceutical industry that propogates superiority complexes! Great, now I have a migraine again!

  1. I'd love to know how you came to know that methadone would work for your Migraines? I've been reading a lot of research on how psychadelic drugs like mushrooms and LSD can be used for Migraines. Of course these are in the early stages of studies and are hardly a widely used treatment option. Thanks for sharing. I believe that this will become a more hotly debated topic in the future!

    1. Wow, Junkie Clinic, it brought me to tears to read your discussion on methadone and the ability of it to heal you of your migraines! I have been suffering endlessly from chronic migraines since I was 13 and I will turn 56 in two days. I also have been tried on the numerous drugs you have mentioned, and many more throughout the years that I cannot even remember. The sad thing is when you become immune to the meds you are on, then you need to switch or increase, and so on and so forth. I have dealt with this for so many years I am so tired now of dealing with it. And like you say, taking all these different meds is very tiring. I am happy for you that you have found relief and thanks for sharing.

      1. Junkie clinic? Really? Not a substance abuse clinic? Idiots use words like "Junkie" in serious content. It's the same as calling someone with down syndrome a "retard" wake up.

        1. I know this is an old post, I just wanted to add that I had problems with heroin addiction and ultimately ended up at a methadone clinic. The reason I started using heroin was because of debilitating migraines. I'm only 23 and I'm still in the clinic. The abuse of the heroin was getting so bad that I couldn't go even hours without starting to get sick. I started at a clinic. And I don't like the stigma surrounding the methadone clinics. Along with helping my addiction, I also no longer suffer migraines and tension headaches. I also have epilepsy so I am on antiepileptic meds. The combination does make me sleepy, but the methadone does not provide a "high" I'm still happy and I agree that while doctors do have a suspicious attitude towards methadone patients, it was worth it to me to no longer have migraines and be clean.

          1. ANNA,
            Very good to hear you didn't give up and that it is helping right now. 10 Points

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