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Just started having migraines.

So my mother had migraines all her life as well as my sister. I’m 35 and I just started like maybe three years ago. The first thing that happens is that I start getting a headache on the right side. Then I start feeling nauseated and my personality changes. I become borderline violent. Every time I inhale through my nose. It’s like I’m sucking razor sharp ice crystals through my right nostril but the rest of my body is burning up. The only thing that makes it go away is sleep. And when I wake up it feels like someone dragged a piece of sand paper across the right side of my brain and out the side of my face. When all this started I would maybe have 1 a month. Now it not unusual to have 2 or 3 a week. Stress can trigger one but a lot of times they just happen for no reason and they are debilitating. I guess I’m just wondering if someone could suggest something that could help as I don’t have insurance and I’ve tried otc pain killers with no results.

Thanks in advance

  1. Hey there. SO sorry this is happening. Obviously best thing would be to go to a doctor, who could prescribe meds that would stop the migraines, and or preventatives that would reduce the frequency, but I get the insurance situation.

    So in the meantime, until you can get to a doctor, probably the best thing to do is try to identify triggers and avoid them as much as possible.

    Diet is a big one.
    I have to make sure to make all of my food fresh and from scratch to avoid migraine triggers.

    Light-many people are sensitive to light, especially fluorescent. LED and screens can be irritating. Natural light and incandescent are best, but be sure light is not overly bright (really bright sunlight or glare triggers migraine for many--polarized glasses are great.)

    Sound, smells, weather changes, stress.

    Sleep-It's important to sleep 7-8 hours per night and not to sleep too much or too little.

    Can you identify any of these that could be a trigger for you? I know you said stress. Any ways to reduce stress?

    1. Also, be careful with OTC painkillers. With anyone with a headache disorder, we're only supposed to take any painkiller/triptain/sudafed/benadryl/etc 2 times per week, 3 in an emergency. Otherwise, you can develop medication overuse headache MOH and start having more headaches.

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