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Has anyone had success with Laser Therapy?

Has anyone had success with Laser Therapy? It's not covered by my insurance and the visits are expensive.

  1. Hi there , Thanks so much for your question! I am intrigued by this as I do not recall hearing any feedback from the community regarding their experiences with this laser therapy! I look forward to hopefully hearing responses from the community!

    Joanna ( Team)

    1. Hi Joanna,
      The more I research it the more I think it's not for treating migraines. Maybe tension headaches or neck pain. Sounds like it's used for soft tissue and joint pain from injury or inflammation.

      "Lumix lasers supple energy to the body that expedites natural healing. It loads light energy into the cells and trigger interactions that promote pain relief, improved blood flow, cell regeneration, and collagen growth and repair." Per Health InSyncs, Dr. Sherron Marquina, D.C. in Richmond, VA.
      Thanks anyway.

      1. I briefly researched this, but found it seemed to be somewhat fringe for treating migraine (although what really is NOT fringe for migraine treatment!).

    2. When we think of lasers, we think of the high power beams that cut through things. That's not what this is. This is what is called a cold laser or LLLT (low level laser therapy), It has been around for awhile used in orthopedics for inflammation and healing.

      In musculoskeletal disorders, the light is delivered in a specific frequency so that it stimulates tissue in such a way that it promotes healing. This frequency can be delivered with laser or LED. LED devices tend to be handheld, are less powerful, and are less expensive.

      Before signing up for anything, ask if the person is using true laser LLLT or LED.
      Also ask which nerves they are targeting. There are five nerves on each side of your head that can contribute to migraines. For many people with migraines, one or two of those nerves are most problematic. So you want to make sure you are targeting the correct nerve, as it does no good to target the supraorbital nerve, for example, if it's your occipital nerve that causes you the most pain.

      Good luck and let us know if you decide to try it.

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