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Latisse & Migraines ?

I recently started using Latisse, a new prescription drug used to help grow eye lashes applied nightly to the eyelid. About three days after I started the meds, I started a migraine cycle. It’s been going on now for a week and a half. I kept using Latisse because only today did I put the two together … maybe it’s this new medicine. However, it could be a coincidence because I get spring time migraines cycles. Has anyone used Latisse successfully? Headaches weren’t listed as a side effect.

  1. Hi there, - Thanks so much for your question on any connection between Latisse and migraine. I did some research inspired by your question to see if I could find any proven tie between the two. I found in one article that headache is among a number of potential reported side effects for Latisse. Potentially if you are someone who experiences migraine attacks, a headache could flare into a migraine. Definitely worth reporting this experience to your doctor and keeping a migraine journal for the time being to track the frequency and severity of your attacks while you are trying this new medication. I'm sorry we couldn't find anything more definitive but perhaps a community member will chime in with first-hand experience to help you. Hoping the migraine cycle that started recently has quieted for you. We are here for you and are thinking of you. Warmly - Holly - team

    1. Thanks for looking into it! I’ll have to let my doctor know. My headaches have gotten a little better! But I’m not risking it again.

      1. glad you will inform your doctor. In case it is not a coincidence, it is best that they know. Any improvements in the last day or so? I hope that this weekend, you will be pain and symptom-free. (Tonya, contributor).

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