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Little rant

I am new here I am 19 years old and been suffering from migraines and head aches sense I was six. At ten I started suffering from chronic heads and have had one every day sense then.Sense then I get a migraine monthly which if I take med in time it stops but if I miss my window only way to get rid of it is to go to hospital for iv fluids and med after med till it's gone me no longer does the cocktail of drugs I took for years when I ended up in hospital helps. Doctor after doctor has told me I am a medical mystery and being only 19 and have seen more doctors then I can count is the hard to deal with. Not only that but I have nurses reconizing me in the er all the time now.

  1. Hello. I just turned 17 yesterday and I have had a constant migraine for over two years. Anyone want to talk? I feel sof alone in my migraine.

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