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looking for help with CGRP therapy

i've heard and read a lot about this therapy but don't know anyone with real life experience with it...can anyone help.

i've been a migraine sufferer for 38 years and have been on so much, i'm hoping this is for me

  1. Hi melindas,

    Thank you for your question! CGRP drugs are in the final stages of clinical trial and won't be available to the general public until next year at the earliest.

    We have all kinds of information on this new medication, including posts from contributors who are in clinical trials, you can see here;

    I hope that helps!

    1. I took CGRP for more than 1 year in a trial in Austria. No changes occurred.

      I still have20 migraine days per month. I doubt that the therapy works, as nobody knows what is the reason for Migraine, so nobody can find out how to cure migraine at the moment.

      Do not have too much hope, because it might NOT WORK AT ALL!!!!! only 50% say that they have 50% less migraine.

      AND: your blood-pressure ist getting up real high. (not very healthy) The body ist producing antibodies, so CGRP will not do his job after a while anymore, the price for CGRP is unrealistic high. CGRP is not a good drug for me.

      1. Hi 43haaq,

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I'm sorry to hear you didn't respond to CGRP. I know many patients who have seen very good results with it.

        Migraine is a genetic neurobiological disease that at this time is managed, seeing as there is no cure for it. 50% reduction in migraine days will give many of us our lives back.

        Thanks for being here,

        1. So, I read the article a day or so ago that said 50% of people saw a 50% reduction (and some percentage of those saw a greater reduction in migraine). Do we know what happened to the rest of participants? Like did the majority have SOME reduction in migraine, just not as much as hoped for, or is the drug ineffective on the other 50%?

          I will be in line to try it regardless, as I am definitely disabled by my level of migraine disease at this point and any good days I can get back are a victory, but of course I am praying I am one of the ones it works for. Botox works awesomely on me. Nerve blocks are horribly ineffective (except they really piss my head off.) So I guess you just never know.

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