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Looking for Some Feedback Please - Thank You!

Hi everyone. I am new to this board and have some questions about an episode I am having. I have had ocular migraines (no pain) for the past 17 years. Rare, maybe a couple of times a year. They have been typical 20-30 minute ocular migraines, usually without any headache, except mild soreness occasionally. Ten days ago (Oct.16) I had an ocular migraine episode, followed by another episode just two hours later (never had more than one before). Felt mildly nauseous and sore until the next day. Than the following day (Oct.18) as the weather front was moving in and the clouds were kinda on top of us, I got sudden tinnitus that lasted about three hours. It went away and was followed by extreme nausea and extreme anxiety/panic. I never developed a headache, except mild pain on top right side of my head on and off. Well, 10 days later I am still nauseous - it feels like anything I eat just sits in my upper stomach. The only other symptom is episodes of extreme sleepiness, that hit me out of nowhere, about every other day during the past ten days. I've also had some mild feeling of my balance being just slightly "off" no vertigo, just a mild feeling of kinda "floating" around (not sure how else to describe it 😀.

Have an appointment with a neurologist next week. In the meantime, does this sound like a prolonged migraine episode or prolonged postdrome, even though there is no real headache? Does anyone else experience these bouts of sudden extreme sleepiness during the day, even after getting enough sleep during the night? Thank you so much!

  1. Just to add - I am female, age 45 (in perimenopause, with some hormonal ups and downs).

    1. Hi flgirl74,

      I'm sorry for the delayed response. Thank you for sharing your experience with our community.

      It's not uncommon for our migraine attack patterns, symptoms and triggers to change over time, mine certainly have. Some of the symptoms you've described could be migraine related, but only a qualified doctor can tell you exactly what's going on. Have you had your appointment yet? Will you let me know what he says?

      Wishing you a low pain day,

      1. Hi Nancy and thank you for your response!

        My appointment is in two days. However, I wanted to write a bit more as I thought this would be interesting for others.

        As I described in my initial post, I've had mild nausea non-stop since Oct.16, mostly because anything I ate seemed to just sit in my stomach and I would get full after a couple of bites (sounds just like gastroparesis, often associated with migraines). At night, just before bedtime to help me sleep, I alternated between taking Xanax (which I VERY rarely take) and EXTENDED release Melatonin. It dawned on me this morning that those pills just sat in my stomach (just like the food did) and their effects carried over into the next day, every day...especially since Melatonin was EXTENDED release to begin with, plus sitting in my stomach undigested for a long time.

        Yesterday morning, I woke up with the worst symptoms yet, completely groggy and extremely sleepy (melatonin the night before), with continuous nausea. This lasted into the early afternoon, when I finally developed a pretty strong headache, all around - top of my head, lower and upper sinuses. Had the need to pee every 20 minutes, got neck pain, tingling on the back of my head, just felt horrible by dinnertime. Then, weird as it sounds, around 9pm, all the symptoms started sort of fading. This morning, I woke up with NO symptoms, for the first time since Oct.16. Nausea completely gone, eating just fine, mental fog gone (did not take any sleep aids last night), no sleepiness, just very mild lingering headache. In all the reading I did in the past couple of weeks, it sounds like these were typical migraine symptoms - frequent urination, neck pain, tingling, sinus pressure (all passed after the headache let up). It's weird that the actual bad headache came TEN days after the initial ocular migraine aura, ringing ears, nausea and fatigue and once the headache happened, all the other symptoms "magically" disappeared. Go figure!

        After this episode, I have such great sympathy for migraine sufferers.


      2. Hello, I realize that this is a bit late for this post, but I thought that I should throw this out there in case it can help anyone...

        I have had (seemingly) random bouts of nausea (aside from what I get with my migraines), a slight dizziness, kind of a wobbly-feeling in my head (hehe...don' know how else to explain it?). Anyway, my after months of narrowing it down, my pcp recently said it's a problem with my inner-ear. The way he explained it was like grains of sand. When you move around, the "sand" moves and re-settles, and it helps our equilibrium & balance. Well, if it settles "wrong" we can get all those symptoms.....

    2. Hi flgirl74,

      Thank you for sharing that with me and good luck at the doctor!!


      1. Hi flgirl74,

        Thank you for sharing that with me and good luck at the doctor!!


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