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Looking for someone who has had an Inpatient Ketamine Infusion

I check in to THomas Jefferson in Philadelphia on 1/29 for my first Ketamine infusion and I’m nervous to say the least. I have been using the Ketamine nasal spray and sometimes when that hits me just right I feel completely high. I did two Lidocaine admissions at Methodist (at TJ) and they were horrible and I would never go back again. So I have some idea of what it will be like, but hoping for some further insight.
Do they allow your guest to stay overnight? I had terrible hallucinations with the Lidocaine cocktail and it was fine between 11a-8p when someone was with me, but very scary in those off hours.
Can you get to the bathroom without help? Weird, I know...but I’m really uncomfortable with strangers.
So shower is next. Do you even want to? Are you able? How often, because of the PICC?
Is there anything you wish you knew before you went that you do/bring that you can think of that might help me?
Thanks in advance,

  1. Hi Dana,

    Let me share what Katie Golden says about in-patient ketamine infusions;

    "I’ve been going to Jefferson since 2014 or so. I did one round of lidocaine and it was not the best experience. I just didn’t like the way it made me feel and I didn’t get much relief.
    I’ve now been in-patient for ketamine six times, averaging about 2 visits per year. Once I became chronic, I have pain 24/7 and haven’t had a break in 8 years. With each hospitalization for ketamine the severity of my pain gets knocked down a few notches and makes life a little more bearable. I also have a ketamine nasal spray. I honestly don’t think I would be as functional as I am without this protocol. But of course, please do your own research and talk to others – theres a great FB group called Medical Ketamine and Migraine.
    I’ve also written multiple articles about my experience. Hopefully this will help you:"

    I know there are a number of articles go to through, but I'm pretty sure Katie touches on your questions. I hope this helps!


    1. Thank you!

  2. Hi Dana,

    How did your ketamine infusion go? How do you feel the following day after one. I’m on my 2nd round but I have mine once a week. My first one I felt good the day after but the following day I had a bad migraine and ended up going to the clinic. Hope yours was a success 😀

    1. Hi ,
      Mine is actually a 5 day inpatient stay. It was originally scheduled for January 23, but I ended up being admitted to my Local Hospital with pneumonia, so I had to postpone it. My new admission date is March 6th. Ugh... so far away. So you go in once a week for an outpatient Infusion? What did your doctor say about the migraine after the Infusion? Was it worse or the same as the one's you usually get? Did they give you anything for it when you went to the clinic?

      1. Sorry to hear you got pneumonia, that I’m sure did not help out your migraines any. My migraine after infusion is the same. Dr just told me it takes awhile to build up the ketamine and should improve with each infusion. I would just make sure if you are prone to nausea to make sure they give you something before ketamine. The first one I got really- I guess almost dizzy and nauseous. Yesterday Dr gave me scopolamine patch and zofran and I had taken my own phenergan beforehand. This made the infusion go much better for me. I think I’ll have one more outpatient infusion next week then hopefully that gets me by for a little bit. I’m trying to get approved to go to The Reed Migraine Center in Dallas. They do the permanent nerve stimulator implant that according to them does wonders for people with debilitating migraines. I hope you find relief with the Ketamine, that is frustrating they can’t get you in until March, typical though.

        1. Sorry, yes they gave me iv fluids, Demerol, phenergan and Norflex at my local clinic. Unfortunately I am over an hour away from the pain Dr that does my ketamine infusion. Most the time the clinic here is good about working with me. Get the occasional dr/Nurse that thinks I just like coming up and paying a big bill for meds. Ugh!

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