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Loss of balance causes concussion

It is so frustrating having these type of migraines that can effect both you vision as well as balance. These are very confusing I woke up about 6 am to let our dog out no problems. Went a sleep went to get up and fell flat on my face and hit the door down the floor. I have been told these or ocular, now am wondering if they are MBR migraines to due to the balance issues.

Have them now daily. Sometimes get them after waking up and waking up later. Recently, got them a felt hot like having a fever. The day after the concussion I still had the virtigo and double vision they both went away in the after noon. I have read auros last less than an hour, mine last hours.

I live in Iowa. Does anyone know where there is a specialist?
Anyone have these problems before. At least I had a CAT scan and it came back normal.

Only mildly high levels are Alkaline Phosphatase
MPV consistently going lower each time taken low
Immature Granulocyte Percent consistently mildly high

  1. You're going through so much right now! Vertigo is so debilitating, my heart goes out to you. Vision and balance problems are very common with migraine, you definitely aren't alone with that. Similarly, some people do have auras for longer periods, and aura can appear as the only symptom they have, The concussion you suffered could make your migraine symptoms worse, so keep an eye on it, okay?

    As far as specialist goes, a good place to start is with a web search (certified headache specialists are best, if one is near you). You can also call the number or visit the website on the back of your insurance card -- they will have a list of providers in your network. I always check out a doctor's reviews before I go. It's not 100% accurate, but a doctor with an overall high rating is usually a good sign. And remember, if if doesn't work out, you don't have to stay with them. The right doctor will support your treatment goals and take your concerns seriously.

    I'm not sure what the rest of those terms at the end of your post are, and we can't give medical advice for your own safety. Your best bet is to talk with the doctor who ordered the testing. Please keep us posted and take good care of yourself! -Melissa, team

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