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#LoveYourPet Celebration!

This month we're talking about how pets can affect our health condition. If you have a pet, tell us how your pet helps you cope with migraine. Don't have a pet, then tell us what does comfort you when you aren't feeling so great.

  1. My pets (two dogs, two cats) all snuggle with me in bed when I'm having a migraine. It's almost like they know - they just cuddle and don't push me to take them out or play with them. Just having them nearby is really soothing to me!

    1. Hector the dog gets me out walking even when I don't think I am up to it. He needs me to take care of him and he, in turn, takes care of me. He is sensitive to my chronic migraine and when I notice him getting a bit anxious it is often when I realise that I am slowly disintegrating! Not nice for him but I try to moderate and hide how I am feeling and do all I can to try and stave off the attack. The good news for him is that he gets to snooze on the bed when I am getting sick! He is a real comfort.

      Without getting too heavy, I don't think I would have got through these last few years without him. He has put up with real lows and unfortunately witnessed me hitting myself on many occasions because I can't take the migraines anymore. He really helps me try not to hurt myself as it upsets him. Of course it is so hard to be rational when the pain is starting again and I am in a blind panic about paying the bills and having to be off work sick again. But he brings me round as I have to care for him and give him the best life I can.

      I completely agree with Rebecca, having Hector nearby is really soothing.

      Take care all,


      1. I don't have a dog but besides of having migraines I am physically disabled I have had 4 heart attacks 3strokes 3 back surgeries. I have herniated discs spinal stenosis scoliosis osteo arthritis rheumatoid arthritis I can't say how many surgeries. I know I am headed towards knee and hip replacements I have copd and sleep apnea I have CHF high blood pressure they have put 5 stints in I believe. And I am only 60 years old. I have tried to get a a trained dog but I am on disability I am married and have two teenage daughters. There have been several times I have chocked and all but pass out. But I can't afford to buy a dog and pay to have it trained. Having a dog would relieve me worrying about it. I drop things constantly and have fallen many times. I have put up with pain since 1993. Now the doctors tell me there is nothing they can do. My family doctor is also a pain doctor. He does his very best to keep me comfortable as much as he can. But a dog would be a would be a tremendous help. Can you all help me? No one else can. Raymond

        1. Hi there Raymond,
          I am so terribly sorry to hear how difficult things have been for you. You have certainly been through a great deal and continue to contend with so much.

          I know you mention working with many doctors and a family practitioner, but have you by chance considered seeing a true headache/migraine specialist? Here is some information on possibly making the decision to do so as well as how to find one.

          In regards to receiving assistance in getting a service dog, unfortunately we do not have much to share on that. By only just conducting a quick search online, here was one organization that came up We have no information related to their quality of service and obviously no affiliation with them, but maybe by contacting them they may be able to put you in touch with or recommend other organizations.

          I hope some of this information helps you out. I truly wish you all the best and please always feel free to reach out for support.
          Joanna ( Team)

      2. I have two dogs. My one dog sleeps on the floor beside me and follows me if i get up. The other cuddles and leans on my back to keep me warm and snores thst makes me laugh. They are a great comfort and i know i am safe when they are around. They worry and wont leave my side when i come home from work and straight to bed.

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