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Low BP and Migraine


I am wondering if anyone else has the same symptom I seem to have (my mother as well has this symptom). Ever since we can remember whenever one of us has had a migraine that person also has extremely low blood pressure. 99% of the doctors in our area are convinced that with a "true" migraine you have to have high blood pressure. I become very irritated with doctors because when they do the BP check they comment in a manner as if I am faking it because my blood pressure is low.

I am curious if anyone else has this same issue and what they had done to address it. I also tend to have extremely high BP when I do not have a migraine or cluster headache which makes almost every doctor I see want to put me on BP medicine, only to induce a migraine once I take it.

I am not looking to have a stroke so I am trying to work with them but when the Rx seems to trigger a migraine I usual choose the high BP over not being able to function.

Thank you

  1. nataliecharles,

    That's indeed an interesting problem. Have you seen a cardiac specialist yet? This may have much less to do with Migraine than something else that needs to be addressed. A comorbid condition that happens to act as a trigger too.

    Migraine is frequently triggered by even tiny changes within our systems. A change in BP can certainly trigger Migraines. A Migraine doesn't mean you have to have high bp either, although frequently patients do have elevated bp due to the pain.

    There are many different health issues that can trigger changes in bp. If it were me, I would get a referral to a cardiac specialist and start there.

    I hope this was helpful 😀


    1. I had not thought of that. Thank you I will look into a cardiac specialist thank you again!!

      1. nataliecharles,

        You're welcome!

        I hope you will come back and let the community know how it goes. There may be others out there with your same issues that could really benefit from what you have to say 😀


        1. I find this post interesting, bc I have had low B/P forever usually Under 96/?? , However I have had Classic migraines since age 6, though they tapered off at age 35 then returned as sensory and seems to be gluten triggered among other things. I have had doctors question the validity as "everyone says that they have a migraine, what makes you think it is not just a bad headache?", to which I have clearly stated the light, sound and hemi pain and only relief being vomiting in a dark quiet room. Then they do listen. Why they disappeared and reoccured with a daily vengance I'm not certain. My b/p rises to normal when the h?A is in full bloom, as does my intolerance for enviormental stimulus. But that is pain induced. I have seen a nerologist that stated as we mature symptoms change from classic at times. He encouraged me to accept this (as opposed to fear of Alzheimers forgetful fog) A Opthamologist also r/o vision causing the blurring.
          I began to notice if I did not rest, eat properly or had gluten it returned. Reading this forum has helped mr to understand . A cardiologist r/o any heart issues then sent me to the neurologist. So yes indeed do see a cardiologist. Also keep a journal of what triggered and how manifested, to help him clearly understand if the egg or chicken came first. Good luck in your search.

          1. Have you ever had a CSF flow study and brain MRI? I have had the same symptoms and problems with people not believing me and come to find out I had Chiari Malformation. The flow of CSF is reduced or completely blocked by the cerebellar tonsils falling into the spinal cord at the brain stem. I had surgery on October 30th and was doing great. I did have another migraine last Saturday that even now on Tuesday I’m still feeling the effects of. I hope this helps someone.

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