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Anyone on a low lectin diet to control migraines?

I went to a natural Dr and he told me to go on low lectin diet, to avoid sugar and dairy products. Anyone on low lectin diet?

  1. Not precisely, but many of us have to strictly control certain aspects of diet because of migraine triggers.'

    I personally cannot have any dairy except in tiny amounts and only cooked into something. Even then, must be careful. The only dairy I have is butter and tiny amounts of whole milk, rarely.

    Sugar has been harder for me to cut, since my diet is so limited currently, though I did give up soda.

    1. Thank you for your answer. My diet is very limited as well. Besides migraine I also have IBS. I'm gluten intolerant, don't eat meat, no dairy, no soda or caffeine. I have triggers that I haven't identified.I'm trying everything I can to control the migraines.The lectin diet is my next project. Let's see how it goes.

    2. This is the first time I’ve participated in a chat or support group and I’m very grateful for the reminders to totally eliminate a lot of foods from my diet. Do you all keep migraine diaries or is it just too depressing and time-consuming?

  2. I am not, but it probably wouldn't hurt to try it. Food can definitely be a trigger.

    I went gluten free last year when I realized that I was gluten intolerant. It took years to figure out because my symptoms were neurological (migraines and neuropathy) rather than gastrointestinal, and since I already got migraines for plenty of other reasons it wasn't a natural assumption. Once I eliminated gluten my migraine days were reduced by about a third.

    1. Hi denali3, lectins, as you may know, come from grains and beans, among other things (to a lesser degree). You can greatly lower the level of lectins in foods by sprouting grains, seeds and beans. I hope that helps! Let us know how it goes. -Warmly, Donna ( team)

      1. Here is an interesting and informative article on lectins.

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