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Major Memory loss/Loss of Self.

I just got Diagnosed the last couple of years. We are using a Vitamin Regiment for care. I don't want the other drugs.
Does anyone else wake up in the middle of the migraine and not know yourself, where you are of where you should be?

  1. Hey there. So sorry you are going through this -- it can be so disorienting and scary! Brain fog can be a huge part of the migraine experience. Some of our members say they can forget words or names of people.

    Here are a couple articles explaining more and offering some tips.

    I hope those are helpful. Remember to talk to your doctor about anything that concerns you. We're also here if you have questions. Take care! -Melissa, team

    1. Thank you, Its not what I call Brain Fog, it is actual Memory loss. I was in The ER Last week. If you saw me you would think that I was having a stroke. I don't recognize my self in the mirror and I do not know the state I am in or what I am supposed to be doing. Scarier, I do not remember who brought me home from the hospital. Sadly I lose People to, I slid out of bed not sure the of the man That I live with and Love Dearly. I wish it was simply Fog.

      I will Read the articles that you shared. The hard part is I wake up this way.

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