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How do you deal with work (boss, supervisor, coworkers) and migraine?

How do you deal with migraines when it comes to your job. I work part-time as a cashier and do 5hr shifts (standing, no chair to sit, only a counter top to sit on when there are no customers). For the month of December hours are longer so I asked my supervisor to change my start time (this was done over a text message) in order to still maintain the 5 hr shift. I did not go into detail to her about why i wanted the change. She knows i have migraines and for me to work 6hr or more per shift is very painful with migraines. My coworker asked why i changed my time and because there is a language barrier ( she does not understand English very well i just told her a partial lie in order to make the answer simple) ....i have experience that those who work more are considered as ''good" and people who work less are 'bad'' or ''lazy''.

So my question is what do you say to the supervisor and coworker who don't understand this neurologicial disease? When i told my supervisor she responded with ...yeah I had a headache today too because of my period or because of the weather. I also feel angry at my self because I have to deal with this handicap and wish I did not have this problem. I feel ''weak'' in the sense of fragile

  1. Hi Penny- So glad you posted your question here. I'm hopeful you will get some good feedback, guidance and information from our wonderful and wise community members. In the meantime, I can't recall what exactly I already sent in terms of links, but here's something that might be relevant to review (sorry if it's duplicative):

    You also might be interested in this piece about helpful things to hear during a migraine attack. It can be a helpful resource to forward on to coworkers/employers in an effort to increase their compassion/understanding/awareness about the disease and how to best support you:

    So glad you're a part of our community and thanks again for sharing your question here. Stay in touch.

    1. This is my problem I lost my partner and job as unless they go through it they don't understand they think you just have a headache it's drives me mad these migraines are so disabling I can't get out of bed eat drink even speak there so severe.

      1. @RosemaryMcKenna here is a forum that may benefit you.

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