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Migraine When Wearing a Medical Face Mask?

Within an hour of putting my mask on for work, I start getting a migraine. It’s definitely from the mask, I tested by removing it approximately 1hr into the migraine without taking abortive and within 30 minutes the pain is almost gone.

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  1. Hi, Shely -- sorry to hear your mask might be causing migraines. That's definitely not helpful right now! Maybe it's the material, or a slight scent given off by the mask. Have you tried any other varieties or styles? If you haven't already, definitely let your employer know that this is happening to you. Keep us posted!

    Be well,
    Melissa ( team)

    1. Hello,
      I Live in Florida in Pinellas County and they just implemented mandatory mask wearing when going into stores and restaurants and such, however I am not sure what your state or local mandates are but ours are written that if you are disabled and that if wearing a mask affects your disability you are exempt from wearing one, you do not have to show proof as it goes against HIPAA guidelines. I tried wearing a mask and within a half hour I had a splitting migraine.

  2. Hey Shely,
    Same problem here with the facial coverings/mask situation, my solution is a mask that has a filter. For the time being its working for me BUT it took no easy feat ordering it. Just short of going broke to get it, the thing took foreveeeeer plus a day to get here but it is worth the wait. Hope you find some zen in your quest for a solution. Everyone is different though please keep that in mind although some of our issues are the same. Stay Safe out there.

    1. Hi, what kind of filtered mask did you get? Do you have a link to the website? I also get migraines wearing the mask. I have to wear it all the time at work and I come home with a migraine almost everyday even though I cut my hours down to about 6 hr./day. Thanks!

  3. Hi Shely - I hope you are doing well! I was wondering how the situation with your face mask has been going? Were you able to find a solution?

    Sending positive thoughts,
    Gina ( Team)

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