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Medical Marijuana?

Has anyone tried this? If so, what has worked the best? Smoking it, the edible kind, the oils, ? Please any thoughts!!!

  1. HI sweetpain2,

    Thank you for your question and being part of our community - we're glad you're here!

    I can provide you with our information here on about medical marijuana here;

    Let us know how you make out if you try it!

    1. Well, I'm glad you asked...I was recently approved for my card, March 21st to be exact, and I was super uncomfortable with the idea. I've never smoked marijuana before, hell I've never smoked a cigarette before, but I was beyond desperation at this point. It took a lot of "encouragement" from my husband but I went to the dispensary and bought two different strains and a CBD oil. The oil didn't help at all ( edibles aren't legal in my state ) so I smoked it and I was bad at it.... really bad at it. After maybe two weeks of it one day I had a terrible coughing fit while smoking and threw up. I had a" tickle" cough that night and woke up at 1am and told my husband to call 911, I couldn't breathe. At the hospital my oxygen saturation was 82% and I was put on 6 liters of oxygen. I was diagnosed with pneumonia in in different spots in both lungs and admitted for 4 days. The doctors felt the smoking was too much for my lungs (I have asthma, but hadn't had issues in years), they also thought maybe I had aspirated when I vomited. smoking days are over. My husband did make his own edible cookies, which I have yet to try, still a little nervous. HOWEVER, some people find it to be a MIRACLE for them, it just wasn't for me. If you're at that point where you're willing to try anything to make the pain go away, I say don't knock it til ya try it. It could be your saving grace. Keep me posted and good luck. I hope you find the relief you need

      1. Hi danadibs1979,

        Thank you for sharing your story with us. I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience with medical marijuana. Who knows, maybe edibles will work for you.

        From what I've read and heard, you need to go very slow with edibles. They take a long time to enter the system so it's a good idea to go low and slow with them until you see how you react.

        I hope you are feeling better now,

        1. Oh wow! The only thing I've ever smoked was the old time "clove" cigarettes and that was just a couple. I did OK with those. I have never smoked anything else in my life. Do you think that it had to do with your asthma? That's so scary. I'm leery of almost anything for the simple reason I've had bad reactions to certain medications so even when I get introduced to new meds I'm like well look it up and see what class it falls under because I myself know what meds I am allergic to and what not, so I'm very careful. Actual extra cautious but I'm willing to try anything. I go back to the year of 2008 when I had my first spinal tap and I can still feel a pinch where he stuck that needle in the middle of my back, worse pain I ever felt and wonder to this day if he let too much CSF (fluid) drain out and that's the cause of my migraines? I do a lot of research when I'm capable of sitting up. I'd like more input of others if they have done research and found possible causes so I can introduce them to my doctor. Thank you for your input on the medical marijuana so sorry you had such a scary experience. God bless and hope you find relief very soon! I know it's a rough road to travel. Even longer when you have then day in, day out 24-7 and no one understands but you and your migraine warriors!

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