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Medical cannabis making migraines worse?

I hope it's okay to keep posting, I'm in a real crisis with pain at the moment, I've been told that on reflection my MRI "does show a pin point area on this scan which could represent a small stroke event". The NHS are referring me back to neorology.

My pain levels are off the scale and nothing is seeming to help. The Doctor who prescribed the medical cannabis is convinced that it couldn't make pain / migraines worse, but from reading on forums, lots of people have said it has made their pain levels worse.

I just don't know who to believe, or where to turn to. Can anyone recommend a migraine / pain specialist in London or the South west of England please? Who deals with complex cases.

Many thanks,


  1. Hi Clea- First, of course, always fine and good for you to post. We're here with you- and for you. And always grateful to hear from you.
    Secondly- I can imagine that these results might feel concerning to receive. I do understand, however, that migraine can cause some white matter lesions to happen on our brains over time. Take a look at this article: and then skim some others on the topic in case they help to set your mind at ease:

    As to the other question/point regarding your course of treatment - I couldn't tell if you have already tried the cannabis or were considering it? I'm guessing you've tried it and it doesn't seem to be helping. Have you tried other preventative and rescue treatments? Forgive me if you've already said so in another post. This link will take you to an interactive page on current preventative and rescue treatments if you are interested in seeing what is currently available:

    As to the question about getting connected with a migraine specialist -we don't have a master list of specialists outside of the US- but a quick search shows me that The London Migraine Clinic has good reviews. I may have a lead on an additional name/clinic. If I can find that, I'll be back in touch. Warmly- Holly team

    1. I reached out to one of our very kind community members from England who kindly just compiled a solid list of referrals in London. I private messaged you the full list. Hope you find it helpful. Warmly- Holly team.

      1. Thank you so much for your kind words and support and for the list, I'm truly grateful. Clea

      2. Glad we could be of help, Clea. Really hope you may find some relief soon (and that you can be seen by a new specialist soon). Are there any other remedies you are trying in the meantime? On the off chance you're interested and haven't tried some of these, I'm sending a link to our resource on natural remedies: Of course the list isn't comprehensive- I see it didn't include two approaches I count on daily - an ice pack for my head and neck and ginger beer to calm my nausea. I hope you've got a solid go-to list of strategies to help address some of your symptoms. I realize this doesn't get to the root of the condition, but may help you manage the symptoms until you are able to be seen. Please let us know if you've any questions. We are here to provide support and information any time. Thinking of you as you labor through. Warmly- Holly team.

    2. I am sorry to hear that you are struggling so much. Unfortunately, there is a handful of us with bad migraines that do not have a 'why' associated with the problem. Hopefully, the doctors will be able to figure out why you are having these migraines soon.
      Does your pain get worse immediately after using the cannabis or is it a next-day thing? I have found that THC may not help the pain go away but it can reduce how much the pain bothers me. I do have to be cautious of how much I use because I feel like I get a rebound headache the next day from it. Though it is not much different than when I take an opioid for my knee... But this is just my experience.
      I hope you are having a low pain day today - Amanda W (team member)

      1. Thank you for your reply, the pain is just constant at the moment, nothing is touching it, just worried that the cannabis oil might be making it worse, but hoping it isn't. Thanks again

      2. I'm sorry to be a bit ignorant on cannabis- I don't quite understand if it's something you must use daily and then cannot stop suddenly. But if I may ask, is it something you could take a pause on taking to test your theory as to whether or not it's making things worse (in consultation with your doctor, of course)? Warmly- Holly team.

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