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Medication circus

So I am a chronic migraine sufferer. 15 to 18 a month. I take 2 daily preventive meds. Botox worked wonders for 4 years untill I developed antibodies. Then we tried Aimovig which also really helped for 2 years until I became allergic. Both cut the amount of monthly migraines in half. For the last 6 months I have been trying to control them herbally and I'm just exhausted. I was just recently offered Emgality. Has anyone had good luck with it that doesn't have cluster migraine? I guess I'm just looking for assurance that I'm taking the right step.

  1. Hi there- thank you so much for sharing some of your journey here. So sorry you've run into dead ends with two treatments that were effective for a good while (on both occasions). What a heartbreak. This happens more than you'd think: I'm sure you are exhausted from trying to manage chronic migraine on your own for 6 months.
    So, as to your question about Emgality at this juncture- I will share that I personally tried Aimovig and did not find it helpful and then switched to Emgality and have found it helpful in decreasing the severity (not frequency) of my chronic migraine condition. But, everyone is different. Interestingly, Aimovig and Emgality, though both CGRPs are slightly different in the way they are designed- so it's likely a good thing your doctor is offering you Emgality at this juncture. Here's some information on how they are different: There are a number of other types of CGRPs out there now (Qulipta, Nurtec, Ubrevly, and Vyepti) that may be worth a look as well- different delivery systems too (daily or as needed pill form - and, in Vyepti's case, a monthly in-office infusion). Some doctors encourage/allow patients to double up on CGRPs as some are designed as rescue, others as preventatives- others as both! Here's more info on the various CGRPs out there: So, you by no means at the end of your rope in terms of options. It seems hopeful that the Aimovig worked in the first place - perhaps it means you're a good candidate for CGRPs. We truly do hear a lot about people evolving in and out of the efficacy of treatments (as maddening as it can be). Again, thank you for reaching out. We're glad to have you with us. Please let us know if you have additional questions or need for support. Warmly- Holly team.

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