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Menopause and Migraines

Can anyone verify if they know if migraines, normally triggered by monthly hormonal changes, are likely to stop during menopause? I know that mine stopped during pregnancy, so I am curious if I can expect at least some good news to be associated with menopause.

  1. HI bayerjessica,

    This is a tough question many women have asked and I wish there was an easy answer. Some women find their migraine attacks get better after natural menopause and some get worse. Studies have shown when women go through natural menopause, 67% find that their migraine attacks get better, 9% of women find they get worse, and 24% find their migraine attacks don't change at all.
    On the other hand when women have surgical menopause almost the opposite is true; 33% of women find their migraine attacks get better, 67% find their migraine attacks get worse and there is an insignificant (study wise) number of women whose migraines don't change at all.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we're part of the 67% who get better after natural menopause!


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